HooCapital provides fresh perspectives that our clients are looking for with quantifiable insights and reliable data.









We guarantee to provide a huge breadth of access to all of our clients, whether they are large institutional investors or small retail investors. Our services are second to none, relying on our broad expertise and knowledge of the investor landscape, and our client base who provide year round insights.



HooCapital is proud to call various Europe’s and Asia’s leading institutional investors as our regular clients. We provide an unparalleled service, which is demonstrated by the way we retain a majority of our client business. We value our investors by offering a dedicated and professional team to ensure they have access to all of our services, whether that is data analysis, consultation of new investment ideas to consumer insights..



One of the key pillars of our business is the marketing that we can provide for potential funds and asset managers looking to expand their business in the UK. With our expertise and knowledge, we are in a unique position to provide guidance to all the processes and develop your key selling point.With frequent consultant with clients, we develop customised and professional marketing plans, making sure we are meeting your expectations every step of the way. By doing this, we can ensure that our clients are represented to the right audience and markets, on the most appropriate platforms.



We have a proven track record that demonstrates the impeccable quality of our services. We have dedicated teams that use a combination of quantitative and qualitative research in innovative ways to deliver what our clients deserve. We have built our reputation on the basis of our expertise and unparalleled insights, based on rigorous research and analysis.

We use a multiple of sources to achieve the services our clients have come to expect. From financial market data, to analysis of trends and patterns, to consumer research and the use of new product databases, our consultants combines all their findings. After analysis and the use of our expertise, we deliver innovative solutions that offer strategic advice, our knowledge and expertise and fresh insights.




Regardless of our clients’ level of expertise and goals, we can deliver on expectations through data and research that you can trust.


Consumer Reports

These reports aim to provide insights through primary research and detailed data analysis derived from our market data reports. In additional, we consolidate this with our expertise, forecasting and our own analysis of markets.


Market Size Reports

The market data reports HooCapital create offers an all-encompassing and insightful overview at any market at request. It provides a variety of industry insights, with market sizes and shares included, as well as short to medium term forecasts..


Business Reports

In our business reports we offer the most up to date insights into the current issuesand key trends. Not only do we provide a comprehensive analysis of our data, but we also assess what we see as the key issues on an industry and a general market level.