Our mission is to open this market to global investors and provide them with access to the world’s most professional financial services, trading tools, and platforms.



     The Shard


HooCapital aims to take advantage of London’s role in the financial world and we offer our services in said industry.

Our mission is to provide investors unprecedented access to our professional financial services, trading platforms and other services only of the highest standard.

Thanks to our expertise in market research, we can provide new perspectives and news for our global clients as well as unique insights into financial market data, customised to your needs. As a result, we offer consultation in terms of practical guidance, strategic solutions and other services. Our quality and level of professionalism with our services is second to none. With the UK financial markets dominated by larger players, we hope to encourage more international and smaller entrants from a diverse background.,


We support various UK financial services providers, trading brokers and media outlets in numerous ways in order to gain valuable clients and investors.